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LaserTRAIN: eLearning


LaserTRAIN: Glock


$586  Save 32%


$586  Save 32%


$147  Save 61%

The LaserTRAIN Course empowers shooters of all skill levels to increase their speed, accuracy and efficiency from the comfort of their own home. 

Coupled with NextLevel Training’s revolutionary SIRT Training Pistol, this official USCCA curriculum focuses on high-volume, self-diagnostic training to improve any shooters’ fundamental skills and performance. Here are just a few of the invaluable benefits of this powerful training combo:


Save time with the ability to practice dry firing techniques anytime, anywhere.


Save money on expensive range fees and ammo usage.


Train for accurate stance, sight picture, target acquisition, breath control, trigger pull and more.


Practice safe and effective gun handling, gun presentation and reholstering without live-fire.


Master a crisp, clean trigger pull without extra wear and tear to your firearm.

"Awesome training pistol!"

"Use frequently to practice dry fire, trigger pull, draw strokes. Excellent tool to help us train safely under otherwise stressful (but controlled) conditions. Highly recommend, thank you!"

– Dillon H.

Here’s What Customers Are Saying

"Our SIRT guns are in constant use."

"As a firearms instructor for a 65 officer police department, I find the SIRT guns to be a game-changer in firearms training. Instead of getting firearms training a couple of times a year, officers can use the SIRT’s as often as they’d like, thereby maintaining quickly perishable marksmanship skills."

– Steve F.

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