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Here's Everything You'll Get in Your Official Partner Welcome Kit...

We'll Give You All the Tools to Be Successful:

USCCA Signage and Patches

  • One 2' x 4' Official Partner Vinyl Banner
  • 10 Official Partner Morale PVC Patches
  • 10 Official Partner Embroidered Patches
  • One Official Partner Window Cling

Range and Classroom Posters

  • Two 24" x 36" USCCA-Branded Posters to Introduce and Help Sell Memberships

  • Eight 24" x 36" Educational Posters to Promote Safety and Accuracy at Your Range and in the Classroom:
  1. Universal Safety Rules
  2. Natural & Neutral Shooting Platforms
  3. Establishing a Solid Grip
  4. Color Codes of Awareness
  5. The Use of Deadly Force
  6. Run-Hide-Fight Survival Method
  7. Semi-Automatic Firing Cycle
  8. Understanding Handgun Actions

USCCA Membership Selling Tools

  • Your own unique SMS code to track and credit new USCCA memberships originating at your business

  • 5 USCCA Membership Bonus Package Table Tents for you to display around your business

  • 500 Giveaway Postcards with unique tracking

  • 2 Gun Purchase Checklists to keep at your counter and use after each purchase to introduce customers to the benefits of USCCA Membership

  • Selling Points Card with contact information for your local USCCA Sales Representative 

USCCA Membership Bonus Package

Use our FREE bonus packages to offer an immediate, in-store incentive for your customers to become members. We'll start you with 20 bonus packages, valued at $549 each, and send you more as needed.

  • USCCA-branded Kershaw CQC Knife ($58 value)
  • Fully-Loaded USB Training Bullet ($456 value)
  • USCCA Hat & PVC Patch ($25 value)
  • MTM 30-cal. Ammo Can ($10 value)
  • USCCA New Member Welcome Kit

USCCA Memberships & Discounts

  • As a USCCA Official Partner, you will become an Elite USCCA Member ($497 annual value) FREE

  • Members of your staff may activate their USCCA Membership at a 15% discount

  • You'll have access to a secure, online Partner Dashboard to better track your metrics and orders

  • You will receive exclusive discounts on select USCCA Instructor Certifications and toolkits

  • Your business information will be listed on the USCCA website to drive more foot-traffic to your location

Event in a Box (Special Events Playbook)

With Event in a Box (Special Events Playbook), you will have everything that you need to successfully host and market multiple themed events that combine demos with live action to engage new and returning customers. Current available events include:

  • Proving Ground Scenario-Based Training Viewing Party
  • First-Aid Class: Tourniquet Techniques
  • Seminar: Deadly Force Decision-Making
  • Gun-Cleaning Party
  • Dry-Fire Training Class
  • Date Night at the Range
  • And more coming soon!

Becoming a Partner Is Free and Easy...

We'll contact you with all the details!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the USCCA?

The USCCA is the nation's fastest growing organization dedicated to educating, training and providing legal protection for responsibly armed Americans. Founded in 2003, the USCCA has grown to include more than 300,000 Members with the commitment and courage to be their family's first line of defense.

Why should I become a USCCA Official Partner?

When you become an USCCA Official Partner, you join forces with fellow range and retail business owners who share a common goal of transforming more Americans into confident and prepared defenders. You'll be armed with the powerful tools that'll help you be even more successful at gaining new customers and growing your business, at no extra cost to you. 

What do I have to do as an Official Partner?

  1. Registration is completely FREE and a USCCA Partnership Team Member will contact you within five days with the next steps to set you up for success.

  2. Your local USCCA Outside Sales Representative will work with you to schedule your Official Partner orientation at your facility or via live chat.

  3. We'll ship out your Official Partner Welcome Kit with all the tools and resources you need to talk about and sell USCCA Memberships to your customers.

Who can help me if I have questions?

You will be connected with your local USCCA representative who will help you make the most of your partner benefits. Look for your rep's name and contact information in your Welcome Kit or send a message to

Have questions? Call us at 1-888-617-5384 or email

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